The Snowball Lottery is run by Hendon Football Club Supporters Trust (2008), under a Small Lottery License from the London Borough of Brent, #40042894. 


260 tickets are available for purchase for the January through November lotteries.

520 tickets will be available for purchase for the 26th December Boxing Day Snowball draw.

Tickets are only available for purchase online. There are no in-person sales.


The lottery is played monthly, with the drawing held by automatic draw on the last day of each month, January thru November.

The December lottery is drawn 26th December, Boxing Day, and is pot is called the ‘Snowball’.


Each month, the following prizes will be awarded:

  • Two winners, drawn automatically at random, will split 45% of the available pool.
  • 10% of the available pool put towards the Snowball draw on Boxing Day.
  • The remaining 45% of the available pool goes towards the Supporters Trust

The Boxing Day Snowball draw will award:

  • Three winners will equally share 50% of the available pool.
  • The remaining 50% of the available pool goes toward the Supporters Trust.

The Boxing Day Snowball Draw

In order to be entered into the Boxing Day Snowball draw, a participant must have been entered into one of that year’s monthly draws (from January to November). 

On 1st December, participants will be emailed the link to buy snowballs.


Once a month, subscribed emails who have given explicit permission to be contacted will be sent a reminder email about that month’s draw. This automated email can be permanently unsubscribed to at any time by the recipient.

All players will be emailed after that months drawing letting them know if they have won or not won.

Winners will be promptly notified by the lottery coordinator by email to arrange payment of their winnings.

Every effort will be made to contact winners and pay their winnings. If contact cannot be established, and/or payment cannot be completed within 90 days of the winner selection, the prize money will revert to Hendon Football Club Supporters Trust.


Lottery winners are fully responsible for any taxes to be paid on their earnings in their jurisdiction.


Any disputes must be raised immediately with the lottery administrator via email at Hendon Football Club will work diligently to resolve all issues.